Product Name Test

Conjointly's Product Name Test is a powerful tool that can help you and your team test potential product names and determine how your target audience will react to them. This tool offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Discover the best product name for your business.
  • Compare respondent attitudes towards each product name.
  • Identify the emotions associated with each name.
  • Receive feedback regarding what consumers liked or disliked about each product name.

Best of all, it is easy to get started, simply input your product names, select your audience, and let the tool do the rest.

Product Name Test

Main outputs of Product Name Test

Conclusions of overall product name performance

Conclusions of overall product name performance

Which product name should you go for?

Using intuitive emoji conclusions, identify the product names that performed the best across all metrics tested.

Standard assessment for each product name

Summary of KPI scores for each name

How does each product name perform relative to each other?

Compare the performance of tested product names on several metrics, such as:

  • How likeable the name is.
  • How interesting the name sounds.
  • How new and different the name is.
  • How trustworthy the product seems.
  • How easy to remember and pronounce the name is.
Intent to learn more and premium price perception

Discover respondent engagement and premium price perception

How stimulating and valuable is the name?

Assess respondents' interest in learning more about the product and their price expectations in comparison to similar products offered by other brands.

Emotions toward product names

Discover what emotions your product names evoke

Identify the top emotions associated with your product names to ensure that your chosen names elicit the right emotions and forge positive connections.

AI text analysis of product names

AI text analysis of product names

How do consumers really feel about each product name?

With cutting-edge AI technology, uncover key insights from open-ended questions to draw stronger and more insightful conclusions, including:

  • Positive and negative responses about the product name.
  • The associations that viewers make with the name.
  • Additional ideas and comments that provide additional contexts for answers to previous questions.

Complete solution for brand testing research