Product Description Test

Conjointly’s Product Description Test helps you and your team test product description with your target audience. This allows you to:

  • Find the best description for your product.
  • Analyse consumer perceptions of your product descriptions across various attributes, such as relevance, authenticity, originality, and clarity.
  • Investigate how your product descriptions will influence the viewer engagement.
  • Gain insights into what respondents liked or disliked about your product descriptions through their open-ended feedback, summarised by AI.
Product Description Test

Main outputs of the Product Description Test

Conclusions of overall product description performance

Conclusions of overall product description performance

Which product description should you go for?

Using intuitive emoji conclusions, identify the product description that performed the best across all metrics tested.

Standard assessment for each product description

Summary of KPI scores for each description

How does each product description perform relative to each other?

Compare the performance of tested product description on several metrics, such as:

  • How relevant the description seems.
  • How likeable and original the description is.
  • How clear and trustworthy the messaging is.
Emotions toward product descriptions

Discover what emotions your descriptions evoke

What emotions does each product description evoke in viewers?

Identify the top three emotions felt towards your product descriptions to ensure your descriptions stimulates the right emotions and positive connections.

Likes and dislikes about each product description

Likes and dislikes about each product description

What do people like and dislike about each product description?

Presenting respondents with text highlighter questions enables them to freely express their likes and dislikes about the product description that previous questions may have missed.

AI text analysis of product description

AI text analysis of product description

What feedback do respondents have for each description?

With cutting-edge AI technology, uncover rich insights from open-ended questions to draw stronger and more insightful conclusions, including:

  • Memorable elements of the description that viewers are able to recall.
  • Summaries of positive and negative responses that viewers make about the product description.
  • Suggestions to improve the product description.
  • Additional ideas and comments that provide additional contexts for answers to previous questions.

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