Package Test

Conjointly’s Package Test helps you and your team test packaging designs with your target audience. This allows you to:

  • Find the best design for your product packaging.
  • Analyse consumer perceptions of your packages across various attributes, such as quality, environmental friendliness, convenience, and more.
  • Investigate how your packages influence consumers' purchasing and usage behaviours.
  • Gain insights into what respondents liked or disliked about your packaging designs through their open-ended feedback, summarised by AI.
Package Test

Main outputs of Package Test

Conclusions of overall package performance

Conclusions of overall package performance

Which package should you go for?

Obtain conclusive results on the performance of your product packages across all the metrics tested.

Purchase intent, likeability, and price expectations

Purchase intent, likeability, and price expectations

How likeable and valuable is the package?

Determine how likeable your packages are to consumers, and the likelihood they would purchase the product.

The price expectations metric lets you understand how consumers expect your product to be priced compared to similar products in the market.

Product perceptions

Product perceptions

How is each package perceived relative to the others?

Investigate the perceptions of consumers toward your package, including:

  • How new and different the design seems.
  • How quality and environmental friendly the package is.
  • How exciting the package looks.
  • And many more.

Associated purchasing and usage behaviours

Associated purchasing and usage behaviours

What is the expected purchasing and usage behaviour with regard to this package?

Explore the ways in which consumers will purchase and use your product, such as:

  • The number of units bought per month.
  • Channel of purchase, e.g. supermarkets, convenience stores.
  • The top 3 usage locations.

AI text analysis of packages

AI text analysis of packagess

What feedback do respondents have for each package?

With cutting-edge AI technology, uncover rich insights from open-ended questions to draw stronger and more insightful conclusions, including:

  • The associations that viewers make with the packages.
  • Suggestions to improve the packaging design.
  • Additional ideas and comments that provide additional contexts for answers to previous questions.
Likes and dislikes about packages

Likes and dislikes about packages

What do people like and dislike about each package?

The image heatmaps, combined with AI summaries of respondent comments, pinpoint favoured and unfavoured package elements. This provides valuable insights for optimising the packages and making more informed packaging decisions.

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