Send an Email Campaign

You can launch email campaigns to your contacts saved under My Audiences, allowing you to send survey invitations and follow-up reminders through Conjointly at an affordable rate without needing an external mail platform.

Set up a campaign

You can set up an email campaign in three ways:

  • Within a launched experiment.
  • When launching an experiment.
  • Within an audience page.

Set up an email campaign for a launched experiment

To add a campaign to a launched experiment:

  1. On the Manage experiments page, select the experiment for which you want to set up an email campaign.
  2. Under the Participant sources tab, click the Add source of participants button.
  3. On the pop-out, select send an email campaign.
  4. Select the desired audience from the drop-down list.
Add campaign to a launched experiment

Set up an email campaign when launching an experiment

You can also set up an email campaign when launching an experiment.

  1. On the Choose participants tab, select Send an email campaign.
  2. Select the desired audience from the drop-down list.
Add campaign when launching an experiment

Campaigns added within the experiments are also accessible under the Campaign tab on the audience page.

Add a campaign within an audience page

Alternatively, you can add an email campaign for an audience by following these steps:

  1. On the My audiences page, select the audience for which you want to set up a campaign.
  2. Inside the audience page, select the Campaign tab and click the Add campaign button.
  3. In the pop-out window, fill in the campaign name and the linked experiment. Please note that only launched experiments can be linked.
  4. Click Save .
Add campaign

Edit a campaign

By default, a campaign consists of the following three steps:

  • S1: Initial invitation, which is a survey invitation email.
  • S2: Timer 1, set to be a 1-day delay before the next step.
  • S3: Reminder email, a survey reminder set to be sent to all contacts yet to complete the linked survey.
Edit campaign

You can add emails and timers, move, and delete the steps.

Edit campaign

For each email added to the campaign, you can adjust the following settings:

  • Specify the subject line.
  • Edit the email text. You can include formatting, tables, or images. Add placeholders for variables and custom fields you used when adding contacts, like [Survey Link], [First Name], [Country], [Industry], etc.
  • Set up conditional logic for sending emails. For instance, when the previous message has been or has not been sent, or the respondent has completed or is yet to complete the survey.
Edit email

By adding a timer, you can specify the time delay in the number of hours, days, or weeks before the next step.

Edit timer

Save and launch a campaign

Click Save and launch campaign after completing the settings. You will be prompted with the total charges for the campaign and confirmation. The status of the launched campaign can be viewed under the Campaigns tab.

Add campaign

To ensure optimal campaign performance, launch a small-scale campaign to identify and resolve potential issues related to deliverability or engagement before launching the full campaign to your entire audience.

View and manage launched campaigns

You can view the status of each step of the campaign, including the number of messages sent and opened by contacts, the number of contacts that opened survey links and answered the survey, and the steps yet to start. To edit a launched campaign, you will need to pause the campaign.

Managing launched campaign

Alternatively, you can view the status and manage the settings of the launched campaign under the Participant sources tab within the linked experiment.

Add campaign

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