Custom engagements

Do you need us to run a pricing or product study for you? Or you want to engage with the Conjointly Ultimate tier of ongoing research support? Let's talk about your agile consumer research or conjoint analysis projects.

Your journey with our automated tools

Instead of taking weeks or months of work, products and pricing research can be done faster and better.

1 Pick a tool that will address your research question

Seamless, powerful end-to-end insights platform
Manage your research projects in one place
Understand what your customers want to buy
Discover how best to appeal to consumers

Access a complete toolbox of advanced automated research methods for pricing strategy and product development.

2 Design experiments with a user-friendly interface

Build your survey quickly and easily using our intuitive interface, which uses pre-filled text for your convenience.
Follow our simple wizard to choose appropriate survey settings and find your minimum sample size.
Customise your survey’s look and feel from our range of templates.

Carry out your research projects more efficiently than ever before. Build your survey using automated methods on Conjointly’s platform with an intuitive interface.

3 Choose your participants

100+ million panellists across 150+ countries
Micro-target anything from sub-regions, income and type of education to age of children

Buy sample through us or invite your existing customers to participate in a survey.

We can also set up Predefined panels for recurrent experiments or any specific audience at your request.

4 Conjointly collects respondents' answers

Works on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.
Real-time analytics through interactive charts and graphs.

We identify and remove responses that don't meet your target criteria or speed through your questions.

Typically, data collection with panel respondents takes a couple of days.

5 View automated reports, play with dashboards, and export findings

Customise reports by changing display settings, creating respondent segments, and adding pivot tables.
The interactive reporting dashboard allows you to play around with data and deep-dive into results.
Use simulations to view preference shares and revenue projections for different combinations of inputs.

Conjointly will automatically analyse the data and prepare online and Excel reports that you can share with your colleagues. Uncover unique data insights with our reporting tools. The most advanced reporting tool available gives you the power to filter and analyse data from your survey.